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Software Developer, Business owner, Finance consultant

My missions are to connect the right people, bring knowledge to them and make them rich.

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eorgiy Kharlampiev

Georgiy Kharlampiev is a software developer who created an education project, game developer marketplace and investing service.

My Early Life

I was born and grew up in the city of Odesa, Ukraine. Was attending a school located in a district without any specific properties or historical facts. In fact, my passion was a computer and everything that somehow was related to it, including programming, networking, and games. After school I had to forget about my passion for a couple of years and went to Odesa State University Named after I.I.Mechnikov, Physics department. But after graduation I started to work as a system administrator. Spended 4,5 years in this position, switched my activity on software development and still work like that. It was hard for me to switch from one position to another, I spent a lot of time on self education. Thats why, when I became a good software developer I created an education project with my business partner.

Games are my passion

In my childhood I played computer games a lot. One of my favorite games was Ultima Online. When I first saw this game it impressed me a lot. I didn’t know what you could do in a game like it was there. My friends and I created our own server using open source software for it. I started to build a new functionality on top, but unfortunately I was too young for it and nobody could help me, that's why I stopped my game development activities for a long period. After more than 10 years, when I became a professional enterprise software developer, I remembered my passion and decided to go into this industry, because nothing could be better than your childhood passion. I had a lot of ideas and could not find any developers who could help me with that. That's why I created my project “CR8 Games” to connect people with ideas with people with experience. .

I help earn money

After all obstacles with childhood dreams and education, I migrated to the USA. I began my new life in Los Angeles, but did not feel good there. That's why I decided to move to New York. Living next to wall street I started to invest in stocks, bonds and ETFs. I like it very much and it does not take so much time to find a good investment option. When my friends started to ask me about it, I shared all my knowledge with them, only one problem - they didn’t have money for investing. After some time I created a new project, which helped you to earn money with your friends without any investing from your side. “Invest Friends” made customers richer and now they feel comfortable investing in other stocks, businesses etc.

My projects

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IT education portal CatCoding.Pro

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GameDev Marketplace CR8 Games

single book and cd
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Invest project Invest Friends